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 If you would like to play now, read the article below. It will explain in detail how to play the game.



STEPS 1-6 give beginner's information  STEPS 7-8 will describe how to play the game (strongly recommended that all players read all steps before game play)

1: Open Notepad or any writing program that lets you save documents. You can just use a paper and pencil if you want, but that might be slower than typing it.

2: Create a character name. Try not to use numbers at the end of your name. (unless you are in a clan) Then, type or write it on your program or paper.

3: Start a profession. What skill separates your character from all of the others? Is it horse riding? Is it hunting? Is it playing a violin? It can be anything that isn't disrespectful or crude.

4: Make a list of skills you would like to achieve. Your three skills that you like to work on the most could be melee, healing, and animal tracking. Then you could list a few other skills that you would like to master in your free time. You can make a new skill whenever you want to, just remember that you need two basic ideas in order to create a skill; (a) you need a way to earn points for it, and (b) it should give you advantages in certain situations.

5: One of your skills must include "Health." This is very important that every single player has health points and is vulnerable to any enemy. (except other players)

6: How to increase your skill levels:   Unlike many games, your skill level may be as high or as low as you want it to be, but you must train it first! All skills (excluding Health) start out at level 0 and have 1 point. To gain a level, you must get as many points as the next level above yours.

     a) The Point-Level system works like a math equation. It is 3^x. x=level. So, if you have a level 4 in a skill, you already have 3^4 or more points. That would mean that you have 81 or more points. When you start a skill, it starts at level 0, so 3^0 is 1. Even though you didn't work on that particular skill, you still gained one point from the very start.

     b) Health Points work different. Because it is impossible to start with a level 0 in Health, then everybody starts with a level 1 in Health Points. Since 3^1 is 3, then every player automatically starts out with 3 Health Points. Then players would use the regular system to gain levels in Health afterward. 

     c) Levels on this game are infinite. There is no stop or end point for these levels, but it does get a lot harder to level up on them the higher you go. Some players use scientific notation when standard digits take too much room.

7: How to play:    The guide below will teach and explain to you how to play "Frozen Worlds"

BEFORE PLAYING: Obtain 4 dice. If you don't have any dice, then use the internet dice on this website. Open this page up on a different window or on a different tab when playing on a CIP (Chat Interface Portal). Also, it would be a good idea to open up a calculator program, too. Calculators will be provided at all CIP's. Also, have your typing program or paper and pencil with you at all times to remember where you left off in the game.

Explanation: This game is different than most games that you have played. "Frozen Worlds" is similar to a story line than to most graphic games that you are more familiar with. This game requires imagination and the ability to come up with ideas with other people on the internet or with your friends and family. Start by deciding where you and your team is starting out. Then make up the story line from there. You might want to add in a few twists and turns to make it interesting or just start working on your skills. The best game is when you have a mixture of all different elements (plot and skilling) while you play the game. When you lose all of your health points, you die and start back out at your particular re-spawn point (randomly generated). When you die, you also lose all of your stats that you gained, so it is important that you be careful when exploring the great lands! In all, Frozen Worlds lets people use the best of their imagination in a fun and friendly environment. Another important factor: Most of this game relies on CHANCE and HONESTY!

     a) Before starting, be sure to have a calculator, 4 dice, and your writing program or paper at hand. Also, if you are playing online, be sure to have connected to a Chat Interface Portal (CIP), which is a chat program which lets you play with other players online.

     b) Start out at your "Spawn Point." Select a certain area to re-spawn once you die and record the area in your writing program or paper.

     c) Transportation: A lot of this game has to deal with TRANSPORTATION. There are 3 main ways that you can transport yourself throughout the land. They are (a) walking (b) horseback riding and (c) boat sailing. Some ways of transportation may not be used in some environments and weather. Common sense, you can't go sailing in the middle of a tundra.

     d) Attacking enemies: This can be changed by you and your team members. GENERAL METHOD: Your character can have a weapon of some sort. Roll the 4 dice twice. If there were two numbers that were the same both times you rolled, then add those numbers up. If there wasn't, then you attacked a 0. Multiply the numbers by the attack advantage of your weapon. Subtract that number from the health points of the enemy attacking you. Do the same thing when it is the enemy's turn to attack you. Keep trading off turns until one player kills another. If you kill your enemy, add the Health Points of your enemy to your Health Points! That is how you level up on HEALTH!


Players also have another option: FLEE! If you choose this option, then you must sacrifice 50% of your current health!


     e) Leveling Up: Doing certain actions may level up your skills. Mountain Climbing for example:

HugeFlareCLAN (CIP)

HugeFlareCLAN1: I Look to my other Clan Members. "OK, here we go to the top of the mountain."

HugeFlareCLAN2: I Look to my Clan Leader. "Yes, do you have the ropes and mallets?"

HugeFlareCLAN3: I Take the supplies out of my backpack. "Yes, I have them here."

HugeFlareCLAN1: We'll take the easy ridge first. Then go for summit. Take Your rolls, men. I got 12.

HugeFlareCLAN2: I Got 13.

HugeFlareCLAN3: I Got 18. I go up first.

HugeFlareCLAN3: Roll: 3,3,6,1  2nd Roll: 2,4,1,6  Same: 6,6,1,1, = 14x2 (easy ridge) + 28 MC

HugeFlareCLAN2: Roll: 1,3,5,6  2nd Roll: 2,4,1,3  Same: 1,1,3,3, = 2x8 (easy ridge) + 16 MC


     (f) Dying: Once you lose all of your health points, you must restart at your re-spawn point with all of your levels back down to 0 (Health Level back to 1).

     (e) Making a Story Line:  This step is the easiest and most fun out of all of the steps. Just start with an incident that leads you and your team into an interesting and action packed scenario. Remember that you don't need online chat rooms or other people to make your adventure amazing, just write your adventures down or play them in your head.

8: LANDSCAPES AND AREAS: The lands of Frozen Worlds are virtually infinite. You can create the lands any way you want to, but you must use the map of Scignon to guide you while you play in "controlled" CIP's. SCIGNON is an infinite frozen land that all non-lords are only able to play in. Controlled Portals are Portals where you must play in game's pre-made lands. Free players are only accessed to one mini-game called "Crab Catcher" with which they must use Scuba Suits or help from Life Spirits.   YOU CAN GET THE MAP IN THE SIDE BAR (GET CONTROLLED MAP)

     (a) WHAT IS A BLACK CASTLE CLAN?: Sometimes in your game play you will run upon the term "Black Castle Clan." BCC Members are special players in the game who have worked for certain advantages that regular players do not have. Black Castle Clan Members have access to different CIP's, like minigame and PvP (Player vs Player) Portals. You may achieve to be a BCC Member by Sharing this Website or becoming an ENFORCER (COMING SOON).

9: ITEM ACHIEVEMENTS: To make a challenge, you should make some items only be accessible with a certain skill level. Let's say there is a Flame Sword you need for a quest and the skills you need to wield it are Level 20 Combat,  Level 50 Health, and Level 25 Energy (Used for massive attacks). If you don't have Level 50 Health yet, it is a challenge to you to train Health for the Flame Sword.

    (a) SKILL REWARDS: These are only accessible to Black Castle Clan members only. If you are a Black Castle Clan member and you have enough money and skill points, you can have one of FrozenWorld's most valued items, THE PROFESSION BADGES!!  This chart will show you what level and money you need to get it.

Achievement Badge
 Skill Level 100  30,000 Vrobos
Leader's Badge
 Skill Level 1000
 500,000 Vrobos
Armageddon Badge  Skill Level 5000
 2,000,000 Vrobos
Ultimate Badge
 Skill Level 77000 600,000,000 Vrobos


 CAN YOU SELL YOUR PROFESSION BADGES?? Yes, but the person you are selling them to must have the money and level requirements.

10: MONEY: The form of currency in Frozen Worlds is the Vrobo (plural: Vrobos). Each Vrobo is worth about 1 pound of iron and 500 Vrobos is worth about a rare coin. If you are thinking about making money, go to Serfis Petroleus and start drilling for oil in the oil fields. It's the easiest and best way a person can start making money!


Other than this guide here, just try to make your own story line and have the best fun that you can have. And remember, these rules are just guidelines and can be changed in your stories!! NOW GET KILLING STUFF!